Thursday, June 05, 2008

The "Solution" to Life


The answer is Love expressed through service and friendship. (For those are the two most common forms of Lovexpression on our planet.)

But if Love is the answer, what is the question? A fascinating conundrum. The question must be something like this: "How should I spend the next few seconds of my time?" "Few seconds" is mentioned because life is better taken in "small bites," and you cannot solve the vast and massive "problem of life," but can solve only the problem (challenge) of how to use the next few seconds of your time. As the wise Lao Tzu writes, "Handle small problems, and you will never have great ones." So, if we can take care of the seconds, the hours, days, and years "take care of themselves."

Jesus recommended the taoistic pattern of life of the birds and the flowers. This is the avoidance of too much analysis. Perhaps even this note violates the intention of this life of utter simplicity.

So, perhaps I had better simply shut up! Many words can create clarity or confusion. Better to stop before entanglement occurs. Again, Lao Tzu writes, "Oversharpen a blade, and it will soon grow dull." He, like his disciple Chuang Tzu, advocates a limited usefulness. As long as every word and effort arise from a sense of true Love (compassion), we cannot go wrong.:):)


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