Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The True Spiritual Teacher


It would be the greatest pleasure and joyful privilege to serve as a consultant and advisor to your life-path. I will do everything possible to aid you in the discovery and design of your spiritual path, but I promise not to design it for you, as that is not the assignment of Love:

No adult should ever make major spiritual, emotional, or any other kinds of decisions for another adult.:) This is a real meaning of "spiritual freedom," and "independence."

That having been said, however, I will always be happy, with great pleasure, to share any spiritual discoveries that we both feel are valuable and/or useful. For, as you know, it is impossible to stop writing when you have luminous and numinous ideas about to "break through.":)

The function of teaching is always reciprocal; so, as you learn from me, I can also learn from you.:) Every good teacher is also a student, and vice-versa. But please always be aware that it is among life's greatest fulfillments and satisfactions to share new insights with open and compassionate heartminds such as yours. I look forward to many more centuries of positive interaction between us!:)

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