Thursday, June 05, 2008

Astropsychology, Jesus, and Spiritual Emags


Your questions are very important.

The Christian Scriptures do not say anything about astrology except for the birth of Jesus, when the magi or astrologer-priests knew about the birth of Jesus. They were guided by an angel, and obeyed the voice of the angel. If they had been "servants of satan," they would not have been protected and guided by an angel, and they would not have brought gifts too the newborn Jesus. So, they were friendly to God, and God was friendly towards them.

True, in the ancient laws of Israel, there were some laws against astrology. But those laws were in the same area of the Bible that talks about animal-sacrifices and a dozen other Jewish laws. Since we are liberated people, the people of Love, and not Jews, we are under no obligation to obey the ancient laws of Israel. As Paul said in Galatians, we have been "liberated from the Law."

Astrology does not teach that there is a certain star that represents a certain person. It teaches that, in our Souls, we have all a life-plan, and that we can learn much about ourselves through the study of astrology and psychology-- a study called "astropsychology." I have studied this for many years. There is nothing "evil" in it.

Agreed: Jesus had no religion. The Jews saw him as a dangerous enemy, and murdered him. He was not a religious Jew. He also was not a "Christian," since this word was not created until after his death.

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