Monday, June 30, 2008

The Conscious Mind


It is true that almost everything important occurs in the deeper levels of the mind, rather than in the conscious mind-- the part of which we are aware, and in which we do our "selftalk."

Why, then, do we have a conscious mind? The conscious mind is that part of the vast, multileveled Mind that brings us awareness. It makes us aware (conscious) even that we exist. The purpose of the conscious mind is to become aware of the world of illusion and to interact with that dreamworld. Thus, the conscious mind makes decisions; and by doing so, it creates or erases karma. It sets the agenda for the life (lives) still to come. By choosing good over evil, it creates joy, peace, happiness, and Love. It creates a bright tomorrow.:)

The Mind could live without conscious feedback. But if It did so consistently, we would never have to conform to logic or reason; we would live in apparent chaos. So, the conscious mind is by no means "disposable." It creates order from an infinite number of universes; it chooses that time-line in which we live. So, even though the conscious mind is not the "ultimate king" of our lives, it does have its own place, and importance, in the Mind. It is not the "enemy" of the other parts of the Mind, but their product.

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