Saturday, June 14, 2008

The "Solo Way" of Enlightenment


Your path of spiritual growth outside the boundaries of "organized" religion is totally understood. I have been called to an identical Way. Gnostic Christians in the first two centuries pointed to the interior Teacher, the Christspirit. One of their important criticisms of orthodoxy (and they had many complaints) was that the orthodox Church had tried to replace this interior Christ (the "knowing") with mere obedience to human teachers. If the orthodox Church had missed the point on this one, the Protestants, when they broke away in 1517, took this error into their administrations.

Thus, today, even very spiritual churches depend far too much upon human leaders, a human administration, and human teachings. The orthodox made another error still carried by Protestant churches today. They taught that "truth" was a "one size fits all" reality, and it is not; each discovers the level of "truth" (reality) for which her mind is prepared by the Holy Spirit of Love (Goddess).

This is why it is always necessary for the spiritual person, called to the individual Way of enlightenment, to "fly solo." The great mystic Dionysus, in the fifth century, called the Way "the flight of the alone to the Alone." This does not mean that mystics are, or act, alone; we do have each other, with deepest bonds of Love and friendship that we treasure; but it means that we generally act as our spiritual "ancestors" did-- outside the boundaries of "organized" religion.

Mystics have always felt that "organized" religion-- with its horrors and terrors, its stupidity and violence through the centuries-- was not a good idea. Religion was the worst idea in the history of the world; spirituality was the best!:)

So, we do not become disillusioned due to our freedom, but rejoice in it and celebrate it. There are so many "works" that we simply do not have to do when we know (with "gnosis") that we are "saved" (from ignorance and the lower nature) by grace-- not by "joining" the "right" religion!

For we are guided by the firm but gentle hands of the Lovegoddess, day and night, and She is tender, gentle, and universally forgiving in Her illimitable kindness.

So, congratulations on your own growing sense of spiritual independence and freedom. Ultimately, whether you choose to use a website or any other approach, or any other human teacher, you will be guided to the interior Master, and all true and genuine spiritual teachers will point you towards Her.:) So, never stop growing, dear friend, growing in "knowing" (the interior Goddess), wisdom, and, most importantly, Love.

For it is Love alone that grows like a flower of Light in the heart, and guides us into the Way of beauty.

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