Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Pneumarium Gatherings


You will be glad to learn that our gatherings (we do not call them "meetings," for this is a word commonly used by religions) usually contain only five to eight people. We are quite informal, and there are no "prepared sermons."

Everything is spontaneous and relaxed. In fact, although we usually gather in a room in the garage, this Sunday (tomorrow), we will probably be gathering in our small living-room.

We start at eleven am, and have a spontaneous Q&A session until twelve.
Then, we break for a one-hour lunch and break. At one, we begin the second session. By two pm, everything is all wrapped up, and over.

We want our friends to have most of their Sundays, and we do not want to be intrusive. Also, Sunday is often the only day that they can sleep late, so we begin late, at eleven am. So, if you come, you will still have your entire Sunday after two pm.:)

We hope to see you here.:) Fyi, our number is (513-)737-LOVE (5683).

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