Sunday, June 22, 2008

Loving All God's "children"


Within a couple of weeks, you will be receiving a gift from Love Ministries USA [for the work of Love Ministries of Uganda]. This is a gift of $100 (one hundred U.S. dollars). When you receive this, I would like to request that you buy (purchase) for the poor and orphans, the following: milk, rice, other grains, eggs, many fruits and many vegetables, and fruit-juices and vegetable-juices.

As you know, I think, Jesus gave me the most beautiful revelation possible in the entire universe! He showed me that God is Love. This means, of course, that God is Love for all his "children." God loves all his human children, whether they are light brown, dark brown, old, young, male, or female. God loves even those who are not very intelligent. God loves even the ignorant, and those who have brain-damage, who are not able to think like normal human beings.

But the revelation went much further: It revealed that God's "children" included not just human beings, but all creatures who could think, or feel-- all creatures who could love. We think of ourselves, as human beings, as being "so much higher" than the animals. But horses, llamas, elephants, and many other creatures do have feelings, and some even love their families or mothers. But there might be other life-forms as far above us human beings as we are above cows and pigs, for example. (You might call these very superior life-forms "angels.")

But no matter how much smarter they are, no matter how "far above" us they are, we would hate it if they used us for food or meat.

To exercise the best and most complete Love of God possible, we must extend this Love, in compassion and kindness, to creatures who are lower than ourselves.

In the Garden of Eden, God gave Adam and Eve "all green vegetation" for food. He did not give permission to kill the animals.

To be most at peace, we must love all; we must love even those whom we know might not be "equal" to us. This was the sweet message of Francis, the famous lover of animals. So, out of my Love for animals, I would like to enjoin you not to use any of the money in our gift to harm or to kill any animals. Please do not use it to kill pigs or cows, for these creatures have large brains and can feel much pain. They love their children, and can feel sadness and even Love. Remember, God is Love, so God is inside them too, as His Holy Spirit indwells you and me.

Please take these ideas to God in prayer. Keep your heart open, and He will give you an answer. Please consider these ideas carefully, and do not turn away from them.


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