Monday, June 30, 2008

The End of Interior Pain


If one is experiencing "psychic pain," this is a signal that one is supposed to increase time spent in meditation, or mind-clearing. The strongest form of meditation is "pervasive." Instead of scheduling fifteen minutes a day for meditation, as in "structured meditation," one begins to "run" the trm (thought-replacement mechanism, or four-syllable mantra) at any time during the day or night. This should, ideally, contain positive suggestions for positive selfesteem and/or positive goals.

The purpose of "running" the trm is to clarify the mind from excessive thought-- a major cause of interior or mentally-generated pain. You are attempting to clear the mind so that the highest Mind can move through you into the world. This great Mind is God, and is only healing, never harmful, only good, never bad, only Light, never darkness. It is purest Love.

So, before you begin pervasive meditation, invite this great Mind to enter your mind, gently to "take over," and make decisions, and to create lovely thoughtfeelings within your mind.

As noted before, this process does not work immediately. You might run the trm for quite some time without noticeable change. But continue to practice without giving up, and later, you will notice that thoughts of Love, joy, peace, and other "fruits of the Spirit" (ga 5:22) are increasing in "your" mind, as these positivities alone fill the galactic or oceanic Mind deep within. Meditation is the end of interior mental pain. It moves us inevitably towards bliss, ecstasy, or great joy.

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