Monday, June 16, 2008

Love and This Short Life


When we are young, these lives on earth seem to be so long, as if they go on forever. It seems that some days will never end. Psychologists call this the "immortality complex." We feel as if this life goes on forever, that we are immortal in these poor physical bodies (shells). But, as we grow older and wiser, we are gifted by God (Love) with the revelation that these "nanolives" (very tiny lives) on earth are astonishingly short, and they fly away almost immediately. Life on earth is far too short to get much done.:( Happily, God has forever to work on our Souls, to teach them Love, and we have forever to learn.:):) So, no one need ever be in a hurry, and we need set no "deadlines" for ourselves.

Life is much too short to squander valuable timenergy in hatred or nonforgiveness. The very best use of each precious minute of time is in the cultivation of universal Love and universal forgiveness. The end of these earthlives will come sooner than we expect; and when they do end, we will be delighted by every minute that was "invested" in Love, joy, and peace. But we will live to regret, and feel the frightful agony of, any time that we have wasted or abused in anger, hatred, or dispute. For these are wasted moments, and time is the "gold" of the cosmos. Each minute of this life is like money, and we can "invest" it in creating a better world, or throw it away in supporting negativity. Each minute of this nanolife is much too precious to waste it in negativity.

So, let us, at every opportunity, dismiss, renounce, and turn away from hatred and anger from our hearts and minds, and fill our hearts instead with the golden light of the Love of God, Who is Love. (1 Jn. 4:8, 16)

Let us invest every second in denying hatred, bigotry, prejudice, violence, and other forms of ignorance and stupidity. Let us denounce evil and strive to become the embodiments of purest, unstained Love. We will always be glad that we made this life-changing decision.

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