Monday, June 16, 2008

Love Liberates Us!


You are starting to discover that Love, and its accompanying bliss, are selfsustaining states that do not require our active participation, but only our permission and cooperation (nonresistance). The interior Lovelight of Love (God) does not depend upon us, but upon greater Mind.

And it is the irresistible will of God/Goddess that all persons taste of the nectar of Love and absolute freedom (liberation; moksha). What a great pleasure the world becomes when viewed through the lens of Love!

We can really appreciate this unconditional cascade of Love especially when we have "wrestled" with Love, when other human beings have educated us by resisting Love. By resisting Love, some human beings, with their darkness (ignorance) have served as some of our most valuable "teachers."

This education can be painful, and darkness can seem very real during our growth; but it is all illusion, and Lovelight allows us to see this great and wonderful fact of life.

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