Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Love and Teen-age Boys


When a boy is in his teen years, often starting between twelve and sixteen years old, his brain-chemistry changes radically. He is upset easily, confused, and might wonder whether he is losing his mind. His actions and words are erratic and hyperimpulsive.

For the first time in his life, his brain is being soaked in extremely powerful chemicals such as testosterone; these chemicals are made by his body and brain. His body responds, and he is going through a hurricane emotionally.

He is extremely confused and needs our help and forgiveness. The drugs produced by his brain-body are powerfully "psychotropic" (mind-changing), and so, he is not "fully responsible" for all of his behaviors. This is nature's way of transforming a boy into a man, and it is never easy on a boy.

During this time, he needs good, sound guidance and discipline (but not
harsh) to do the right thing-- the kind of guidance that I know that you would like to give him. But please try to be very patient and very forgiving. Please remember that his brain, his control-center, is in the midst of a real storm. He has little to no peace in his life. As he gets a little older, and as he is educated by an older man about these matters, he will once again become a calm and loving person. This kind of change happens in many species, but we notice it among young boys.
Please keep in mind that he cannot be fully responsible for all his actions for a couple of years, until his body passes through this storm and heals itself. For, during this time, the body is "sick" relative to a healthy brainbody system. In the meantime, please practice forgiveness for the sake of your own peace.:)


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