Monday, March 31, 2008

Do Mystics, Jews, and Muslims Worship the Same God?


It is "politically correct" to act as if all faiths worship the exact same God. While mystics, of course, support intercultural and interfaith exchanges, and mutual support, of all kinds, it would betray the truths of history to pretend that all godimages (and there have been many) are equal and "the same."

The God of the Enlightenment Tradition-- in Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and many Eastern faiths-- is Love plus nothing. This is the God that needs to be recognized by our poor little tiny nanoplanet if it is to survive, and if we are to create and maintain peace.

A careful study of both history and Scripture, if it is objective, will prove beyond reasonable doubt that this God of purest Love has not been the traditional, historical, or Scriptural god of many traditions. For these gods have actively participated in warfare, genocides, bigotries, and other acts of stupidity and terrible violence. None of this could ever have been countenanced, or tolerated, by the sweet Lord of purest Love. For He/She has nothing to do with the godimages of traditional culture, which were formulated often by soldiers and/or very primitive, backwards, and sometimes even antispiritual, people.

The being of Love has always been forced into a corner, to make a choice:
For it is impossible consistently to continue to accept godimages of the society/culture and, at the same time, truly to accept and welcome, with all your heartmind, the Lord or Lady of pure Love.

So, as usual, the person of enlightenment cannot simply go along with the crowd. For, in almost every church and religion, there exists an alarming absence of discrimination. In some, the godimage is so violent and evil that it is virtually indistinguishable from the "devil" image, although true believers always deny this.

But to cleanse our personal heartminds, and, ultimately, our poor little world, we, the people of Love, cannot compromise on this important matter.
This is true even though we generally always prefer the peaceful path of compromise to the unproductive, harmful path of confrontation. And, holding the truth in our hearts, we are still, and always, never interested in confrontation.

So, dear friends, let us insist, even in the face of enormous ignorance, that "God" cannot and must not be reduced to the common godimages of backwards, primitive cultures. Let us instead stand up for our right to believe in, and to worship, a God that is illimitable, immeasurable, quite beyond the human mind. And even though this God is beyond our imagination, we rest fully assured that She/He is the sum total of all the Love in all the heartminds on all the inhabited planets in all the galaxies.

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