Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fame and Publicity


There is here zero interest in any kind of publicity. For Jesus made it crystalclear in his famous "Sermon on the Mount" that, if a person obtains "rewards" through any form of publicity, her "rewards" with "the Father" (good karma, and afterlife-rewards) can be totally neutralized.

Giving up eternal rewards (good feelings, good selfesteem, good karma generally) in order to grab for fame on this nanoplanet is like trading in gold and platinum for mud.:) Actually, if Jesus is right-- and no one would know better-- fame is one of the worst possible outcomes for a spiritual teacher!

I do appreciate your desire to publicize a message that would aid many, many people on this sick little planet. The challenge is to make the message wellknown but to keep the messenger out of the process.:) So, if you have any ideas, they are being actively sought!:)

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