Thursday, March 27, 2008

Irresistible Grace


Grace comes from the immutable, unlimited Mind of God. It is a fact of the cosmos, and nothing has the power to erase or neutralize it. Grace, as expression of Love, is the determination of the cosmic Mind (God) to bring all His children into "salvation," regardless of ignorance.

From what are we "saved"? From ignorance, and the domination of the lower (humanimal) nature.

But is it possible to "backslide"? Certainly it is. We can use, abuse, or misuse free will to reject grace, to turn away from it, to even deny it. In fact, we are free to do this several times. Many religious people, as well as many "atheists," deny the very existence of grace. In the history of religion, this denial is called the "works" doctrine, for it teaches the lie that we "save ourselves" by working, and becoming "superior" to others.

This has zero effect on grace itself. If a million zillion people denied the existence of the moon, it would still shine brightly in the night sky. But if anyone denies grace, in her own life, she effectively deactivates it-- but for only herself. It is exactly as if she were living "outside" of grace-- although no one can, really.

Grace is the irreversible and irresistible decision of divine Love to save all beings. But we all must learn first. We must learn hundreds, or thousands, of lessons, and then, we must take "exams" to prove that we have learned. This is what the "school of earth" is all about.

So, although anyone is free to deny grace or its Power at any time, no one can "undo" it, cancel it, or neutralize it. For it is an expression of limitless and infinite divine Love. There is no power, including the power of denial, that is greater!

As human beings, we often believe that we are "saved" by what we do. And it is certainly "common sense" to do good rather than evil. But we must get the sequence correct. Good works in themselves do not produce salvation; but grace produces good works. Therefore, it does not matter how "lost" and confused a Soul becomes in its various life-journeys. It has no effect on indestructible, invincible grace.

If it takes a Soul a hundred thousand, or a million, years to grow into the perfect realization of grace, that is just fine. The cosmos has forever, and the great Mind (Tao) is in no hurry.

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