Thursday, March 06, 2008

Karma and Grace


The dance between karma and grace is a complex one. Every sentient
(selfaware) creature that exists, on this and every other planet, already exists in perfect grace (forgiveness from God or Love). But creatures vary in their capacities to receive grace. Just as a man can starve within a few meters of food, if he does not know that it is there, so our ignorance of grace can serve as an effective block to its reception. The problem is not in the food, but in the mind. (It is ignorance.)

So, although everyone exists in one hundred percent grace (forgiveness, zero karma), karma teaches us how to grow into this realization. So, one might live as if she were only in twenty percent, another fifty percent, grace. They are so limited by only their minds, not by grace, for grace is unlimited. And, as Jesus said, God does not give the Spirit "by measure." God gives one hundred percent of the Spirit to everyone who requests It.

And karma is not a mindless boomerang. There is another kind of karma, called selective karma, which the Soulmind might choose voluntarily in order to accelerate natural growth. A plethora of saintmystics and even masterteachers have suffered various body-limitations, for example, in this kind of karma.

The "boomerang" karma (reflective of previous behaviors) is completely, totally, absolutely erased and deleted by grace. But the elective karma still remains, for it was voluntarily chosen by the Soulmind before incarnation. But this kind of karma is extremely rare, and most people are still suffering, in ignorance, from the "usual," reflective, karma.

God's perspective is grace. Early Christians used the phrase, "All our sins are forgiven," and this was the exact same phrase used by Jesus.

This is an intrinsic or inherent aspect of reality ("truth").

But each Soul (deep part of the Unconscious) must go through spacetime often enough, and long enough, to allow the realization of this grace fully to flower within the heart of Light.

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