Saturday, March 01, 2008

Lovebooks and Death


Love Ministries, Inc. now has written, published, and distributes twenty books about the fascinating subjects of spiritual psychology and practical lifedesign, ennucleated around Love.

The diabetes continues to be a challenge, but has not yet been lethal-- although I've little doubt that it will, mercifully and ecstatically, take me out of this world, in time.:):) But the being of Love must work hard to shake off the tough cultural program that death is "bad." For it is a process as natural as the shining dewdrop's reflecting the bright morning sun on the petal of a new rose. And the afterlife is fantastic!

(I've written a novel about the Afterlife world, called the "Homeworld,"
if you would like to receive a copy. It is an "adult" novel about real life, and is not recommended for kids. It is called Luminous Ecstasies and Passions: Journeys Into Afterlife. And if you do want a copy, please just send along your snailmail address.

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