Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Election: A Few Considerations


Either of the Democratic candidates would be far superior to the lunkhead, deadhead, and cementhead that has "bought" with daddy's help, the office! McKane looks like a genius when compared to bush, but so does the average vegetable.:) And if there is a lifeform lower than bush-- and this is incredibly debatable-- it is a bush wannabe, like mccain.:)

I like hilary and obama. Either will be fine. One reason that Obama was chosen is that Hilary is a scorpio-- sometimes difficult to get along with, and often, reticent to forgive. Obama is a leo-- often stuck on the self, or conceited.

Nobody is ever "perfect," of course.:) But what really tilted the scales for us was not the sunsigns, but the "jupitersigns." The jupitersign influences dealings with the public. Hillary's is sagittarius-- often, not very responsible. Obama's is aquarius-- the futuristic or technological thinker. With the neoenergic systems that we will have to develop, to move towards energy-independence, aquarius is simply a better sign.:)

We are both in fullest agreement that the numbskull, the incompetent pretender, needs immediate replacement-- and badly!:) Our country just might be able once again to lift its collective head, and it might no longer be an "international shame" to be an American!:) Let us, at any rate, hope and pray so!:):)

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