Thursday, March 27, 2008

Conservative Orthodoxy Vs. Radical Love


People of a good heartmind have very often been soundly rejected by the orthodox Catholic Church, all throughout its long and rather dark history. Bias has always been the problem with the religiously orthodox, and has often slipped over into bigotry.:( I am currently finishing a book about the history of orthodoxy and its many conflicts with gnostic Christianity, called Hearts of Ecstasy, God of Love. In previous centuries, my friend, I am sure that we would have been (and, in fact,
were) dragged before a formal court and charged with the "serious sin" of "heresy." In previous centuries, this was a very dangerous, and often lethal, charge.:(

I know that the nuns are sweet and openminded. I cannot help but wonder how Brother St. Francis, or Jesus, would have been accepted or rejected by traditionalists. It is clear that the orthodox of their day rejected them both. I would much prefer to follow them than to play "follow the leader" with religious people who do not know their noses from their elbows, spiritually speaking.:):) The average orthodox person, exactly like her leaders, is kept in perpetual darkness.

The orthodox Church, supposedly the carrier and supporter of the Light, casts only a huge shadow into life, really upholding darkness and crippling conservatism. Jesus and Francis were anything but conservatives! And we can thank God that they had the courage to speak up against the disabling conservatism of their time!:) Without "radical" spirituality, our poor world would be in much worse condition than it is!

If the formal, official Church did not reject our work for Love, we would very likely be doing something very wrong! So, their responses are proof that we are on the right track.

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