Sunday, March 02, 2008

The End of the World in 2012?


Ever since human beings have kept written records, someone somewhere has been predicting great catastrophes, including several thousand predictions of the "end of the world." Almost needless to say, each and every one has been a lie, a falsehood, a false prophecy.

But why do they keep predicting? Some embrace the belief because they are so hopeless: They feel that human beings are not smart enough to solve the real problems of the world, so God will bring the whole of civilization to an end.

Some believe because they think that Jesus taught this idea. But he did not. Jesus did speak about the "end of the aion," and the King James Bible of 1611 mistranslated this Greek word aion as "world." So, Matthew 24:3, where his disciples ask about the "end of the age," in the King James Version, it is mistranslated to make them ask about the "end of the world."

But this phrase, "end of the world," is not found a single time, anywhere in the whole Bible. It is not found a single time in even Revelation.

So, Jesus did not teach the end of the world.

Yet, have not many Christians, particularly the desperate fundamentalists, taught this? Yes, and many Christians have taught many other doctrines, ideas, and concepts never taught by Jesus! So, the claim is not being here made that no so-called "Christian" has ever taught the end of the world; many have. But neither Jesus nor his followers taught this idea in the Christian Bible.

What about the older, Jewish Bible? Many Jewish sects and cults have taught the end, but the Jewish Bible Itself does not teach it.

The idea has been resurrected and recycled among many new-agers. These people are likely still suffering from their fundamentalist backgrounds.

Many "channelers," over decades, have predicted the end-- and they have done so several times. In 1992, the followers of Elizabeth Prophet waited in the desert for the ufo's to pick them up, and for the world to end. In 1999, the end of the world was expected by probably the majority of people. For Edgar Cayce and Nostradamus, two of the most respected "prophets" of the New Age Community, specifically pointed this year as that of the end of the world.

Several hundred channelers also jumped on this shameful bandwagon, and had red faces in the year twenty hundred. Several native American prophecies were also interpreted to say that the end was coming in that "blessed" year, 1999. Hundreds of hucksters, frauds, phonies, mediums, gurus, and so-called "teachers" assured people, with great enthusiasm, that 1999 would be the last year of civilization as we know it, pointing nervously to the so-called "y2k" crisis (the breakdown of computers).

In fact, there has hardly been a single year in the history of the world that has not seen some guru, "prophet," priest, preacher, minister, rabbi, or imam predicting the end.

Everyone could argue forever about this subject.

But I have come up with a way that one can truly test her faith in this latest prophecy.

I do not believe that the end of this world is coming in 2012.

But if you do, or if you know anyone who claims to, please share the

I challenge any true believer to do the following:

I will have a legal and formal document drawn up by a lawyer.

That document will state that anyone who is a true believer will, on January 1, 2013, sign over to Love Ministries, Inc., every material possession and all money that he/she owns.

I do not believe that anyone believes the prophecy enough to do this.
But if you know any teacher, prophet, guru, channeler, or anyone else who is teaching, as a dogma, that the world will end in the year 2012, please present this document, or a copy, to him/her.

I do not believe that anyone will sign! Why? Because, although people love soap-operas, and love to talk about the end of the world, I do not believe that anyone believes it enough to put everything on the line.
But if anyone does, I will be astonished! Not only that, but after 2013, I will share my enormous riches with the poor of the world!

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