Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Dangerous godimage of Our Society


I know of no God but Love.:) For me, after having grown spiritually for half a century, I have abandoned, like you, the childish godimages of our society and culture.:) I have left the Jehovah-myth in the dustbin where it belongs.:)

People become like the god(s) that they worship. So, "Jehovah" is a particularly dangerous myth to guide our culture, which has nuclear power enough to destroy the whole planet, many times! We need to grow, and we need to hurry, into the realization of a "God" Who is Love plus nothing!:)

There is no feeling quite as "high" as receiving this Love from friends.:) The world, at springtime, is full of Goddess! (The image of the Goddess is so much more satisfying than the traditional all-male, even macho, image of the old god.)

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