Saturday, March 01, 2008

Healing and Energy-fields


If the chakras exist, they are a part of nature. So, asking whether they "fit in with" Christianity is like asking whether stars, oceans, winds, or electricity "fit in" with the Christian Way.

Medical evidence for their existence, within the realms of our Western science, is not yet complete. But the fact that acupressure, phototherapies, chromotherapies, and other nontraditional healing paths do work successfully does indicate that the body is surrounded by several interactive, reactive and responsive energy-fields.

Those who made these discoveries were not Christians, for no one was in those ancient times. For they lived before the birth of Jesus.

But it would be simple bigotry not to use a technology for this "excuse" of a "reason." Not all computerparts are made by Christians, but all modern Christians use them in their educational and other ministries.

The chakras (pronounced not "shock'-rahs," but, "chuck'-ruhs") are a part of nature, and nature is the "Second Book of Revelation." That is, it reveals God. A study of these energy-vortices can help us to love our bodies by caring for them better.

There is implicit evidence that even the great healer Jesus knew about the energy-bodies and chukras, and likely used them in some healing.

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