Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wisdom, Love,and Vegetarianism


We are the strongest advocates for agapology! Love has real and undeniable healing Power. And it is so easy and natural; it is what everyone, deep down, wants to do, for it is what we were created to do.

Our Lady or Lord of Love is in fullest harmony with Love for animals.

This is quite unlike Jehovah. Jehovah supported not only hideous and bloody, painful "sacrifices," for "sins," but don't forget the myth of the hideous flood, in which millions of innocent animals experienced the strangling and slow death of drowning. (We no longer believe that this is history, but most Jehovists, whether Catholic, Baptist, or Jewish, do!) In harmony with professed Love for sentient (selfaware) life, I have ben a vegetarian for over thirty years.:)

I do not ask others to do this, but it saved my life. My doc told me that, if I had not been a veggie, I would be dead right now. For it is a challenge for the kidneys to process meat-protein.

In fact, a careful study of the anatomy and physiology of the human body clearly demonstrates, in comparison with other biosystems, that it was created to be a vegetarian. From every angle, analyzing teeth, saliva, stomach acid, length of the intestines, and many other factors, we are clearly vegetarians (herbivores).

Also, and this was also a deciding factor, did you know that a full 90% of all the grain grown in our country goes to the feeding of cows and pigs, so that greedy, selfish Americans can have their burgers and bacon?

If we fed this to human beings, starvation on our planet could disappear overnight! But, as it is, thirty thousand kids will drop dead this very day, from starvation!

Also, did you know that most meat is processed with over two thousand chemicals, some of which are known to be carcinogenic (cancer-causing)? In truly trying, sincerely, to maximize Love for ourselves and other creatures, vegetarianism is certainly well worth considering.

In hundreds of tests, over many decades, vegetarians have emerged stronger, smarter, more alert, with quicker reflexes, sharper senses, and less depression than carnivores. There is a biological basis for depression, and it is this: The last emotion experienced by a cow or pig, right before slaughter, is absolute, total, radical, extreme terror!

This "fearenergy" goes into every cell of its body; and when we eat them, we absorb this terrible force into our bodies. This certainly also explains the wide prevalence of "panic attacks" and general "panic disorders." (Vegetarians almost never suffer from either condition.)

I am not interested in changing or "converting" you, or anyone else, as this "jw" attitude is not healthy. I simply want sincerely to share something that has made my own life so much more delightful. Other creatures can "see the energy-field," and know whether you are a carnivore. So, this path has also increased personal peace with llamas, elephants, horses, dogs, cats, cows, pigs, birds, and other

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