Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Our Pneumarium Gatherings, and Karma


As far as being an "atheist," that is a little too extreme for us as well. Through the centuries, very spiritual people have regularly been accused of "atheism," due to the fact that we unanimously reject the common god of society and our culture. This is the Jehovah-myth, almost universally, but very tragically, embraced by almost all Christians. But in teaching that God was Love, Jesus implicitly rejected this ancient wargod. And, I believe, he also explicitly rejected Jehovah in his more esoteric teachings, shared not publicly but with only disciples.

The mistaking of Jehovah for God is the most significant error ever made in the history of the Western world. It has made possible the justification of wars and other horrors.

Like you, I am not much on "organized, official, or orthodox" religion.
I still do not "belong" to any, and have no plans to.

But we do treasure our extended spiritual family. It is simply wonderful and beautiful, and is a real Love-center in our lives. It gives us strength and serenity. So, every two weeks, for the past five years, we gather to discuss the truly important things of life, summed up as "spirituality." There is a galaxy between spirituality and religion. For spirituality is more similar to good, creative, constructive, healing psychology than it is to religion.

Anyway, we would like to invite you to come on over for one of our informal and relaxed gatherings. They are always on Sunday, and we gather every two weeks. (This is so as not to put time-pressure on our schedules.) We start at eleven, break at noon, and share a meal. Then, we come together again at one, and by two pm, we wrap the whole thing up. We start late because Sunday is the only day that our friends can sleep late, and we end early in order to give them the rest of their Sunday.:) It is always fre, and our next gathering will be on April 13 (We just enjoyed one two days ago.)

We believe that, in this life, there are no "innocent victims," that "bad things happen to good people" as a result of karma. This is the only explanation that we have found, after three decades of serious and intense research, that makes any sense.

But it does not mean that a person harmed anyone if she is suffering right now. For it could also be "elective karma," which the Soul can choose voluntarily-- in order to grow, or to help someone else grow.

So, like the cosmos itself, karma is not "black and white." Many of the greatest mastersages and saintmystics have suffered from some rather serious conditions. This is due to courage, for they did not flee in terror from "negative" conditions, as do so many "positive thinking" advocates, who are secretly terrified of life.


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