Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Satanic" Paranoia


The "satanic paranoia" is a name for the disorder expressed by the Catholic lady, in her delusion that God "punishes" people by murdering them. Human beings are simply not that important in the vast cosmos. God can never be "upset" by anything that they (we) say-- although we can certainly wreck our own lives!

The belief that God is continually upset by atheists, "liberals," agnostics, and other nontraditional types of people arises from believing in a god who is tiny, petty, and psychotic. (He uses murder to "solve problems.")

Let's work to remove these paranoiac people from all our schools, including the religious ones! For they are dangerous in how they darken the name of the Lord of Light. The problem is, her illusions and delusions are supported by an ignorant orthodox Church which, like her, has also mistaken Jehovah for the sweet Lord of Love! Our work is cut out for us, man!:)

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