Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Valentine's Day Message: The Love of Your Life


A person, especially if she is a being of Love, might, and probably should, have many friends!:) For friendship is the essence of practical, realistic Love on this tiny planet. Together with service, friendship is the most common, and beautiful, expression of Love.

The being of Love will have friends of both sexes. Some will be admired, some adored, and all, deeply appreciated, treasured, and beloved. But, among all these friends and acquaintances, only one can and will reach the zenith of her very best Love. And that is the monogamous, exclusive Lovepartner, the Soulcompanion of this life.

The Lovepartner or Lovecompanion remains at the center of the heart as a receiver of a magnificent, wonderful, blissful Love.

Among all, this Love is special, unique, and exquisite. For, unlike all other Loves, this one enjoys a deep sexual sharing. Sex is one of the many ways that the being of Love celebrates the Power of Love in her life.

But, to be the best that it can be, sexual Love requires a special and exclusive vow to share sexually with only one's Lovepartner. Unlike the terrible conditions of primitive and ancient cultures (David, Moses, and even the great Solomon married more than one person, practicing polygamy), the conditions of the modern world permit a deeper, more lasting, more exclusive Love. One of the many reasons that this Love is the "diamond" of Love is its exclusivity. This prevents its degeneration into commonality, and its becoming "ordinary," or even boring.

As we age, sexual drives and appetites lesson somewhat, but they are energized and enormously enriched by a greater Love as we grow mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The lover becomes the "local" Lovexpression of God or Goddess. For more, and better, Love is invested in her heart than in any other in the world. And if we are very lucky, the Lovecompanion is a being of loyalty, intelligence, humor, wisdom, spirituality, and related jewels. This has been the case in this life, and, on Valentine's Day-- as well as on every other-- these facts are celebrated!

So, although we do not worship our Lovepartners, we can and do worship through our Love for them. So, let us vow deep within the heart to renew our Love, to make it new and bright, during this special season. Let us forgive and forget imperfections. For, if we wish ever to be forgiven, we must forgive.

Let's rediscover our "young hearts" and love with the entire heart and mind. Let us create peace, tranquility, and bliss-- all of which arise from only Love. Let us gift our beloved with the deepest, surest, brightest, and warmest Love of a clean, Loveinspired heartmind! Let us remember Love, in every moment, never daring to forget that It is Life Itself. Let us dig deeply within the heart to retrieve a joy that is beyond this world, that is supernatural-- the bliss of Love!

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