Friday, February 22, 2008

Starting a Pneumarium Group


Life as a lifedesign consultant and psychospiritual advisor-- in short, a spiritual teacher-- has given meaning and purpose to life.

Start a Pneumarium! Remember that it takes only two people to start a regular Pneumarium. If the two of you meet regularly, and do not give up, in time, a third person will come, and then, a fourth.

If you like, you are free to use one of our books as a "guide to suggested ideas.":)

Remember that God treasures each one infinitely. One enlightened or Love-activated heart is equally important as ten thousand! Don't get caught in the "numbers game." God is disgusted with "megachurches" of thousands, because they so often actually help no one! They are much too busy helping, promoting, and supporting themselves. They are nothing but religious corporations and moneycollectors, and their leaders lust after fame and wealth, contrary to the Way of Jesus.

For Jesus met in small, even tiny, groups, and gave personal attention to whomever with whom he happened to speak. So, let us follow the humble Jesus, and treasure infinitely each and every heart. For it is much more important to share the cosmic Love of God with one heart than to share merely intellectual ideas with ten thousand.

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