Thursday, February 28, 2008

Dualism and "Eden"


The meaning of "dualism" in mystical metaphysics is the illusion of a world that exists apart, or separate from, the One or one Mind (Creator or Dreamer of the worlds). In this illusion or dream, "evil" seemed just as real as the good. But in Genesis, when God creates this world, he declares everything, several times, to be "very good." But the human mind, in ignorance, disagrees. It claims that "evil" also exists, and, in our imperfect dream, it does; it is created by the inevitable force of karma. Falling into this illusion, in the allegory of Genesis, human nature )"Adam and Eve") ate from the "forbidden fruit." That is how the human mind was "expelled" from "Eden" (a word that means "pleasure").

Together with this illusion, the human mind also came under the baleful dominance of the Jehovah-myth, for it was "Jehovah," not God (elohim) that expelled the human mind ("Adam and Eve") from "Eden," the perfect state of Union or Unity with nature and with God (Love).

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