Sunday, February 17, 2008

The "Allgood" World, and Practical Taoism


Some churches, like schools, are "nests" for the replication of bacteria and viruses.:( So is any public place where people gather. Some schoolkids can be rather efficient germ-incubators, where the microcritters can grow and flourish!

The same principle applies, but far less, to adults. This is yet another sound reason not to "drag yourself to church, even if you feel like you are dying," which is what the church-fanatics demand!:)

It is great to be able to "look at" snow and ice everywhere, and to say, honestly, "This, too, is great weather!" But if we can stop the "judgment" that is almost automatic for most of us, then the entire world can be transformed into the "good." For one, if she tries, can usually discern the "good" in even the "worst" situations.

This is the perspective of ancient Taoism, or Taoist mysticism: "Yes" is good, "no" is good; "black" is beautiful; "white" is beautiful. If anything happens, that is great; but if it does not, that is also "great"-- just in a different way!:)

So, on a snowy day, we can take it as a "good" day, and use it wisely.
Or, we can waste mountains of timenergy bitching about the weather, and accomplish nothing! (That simply does not work; it just puts us in a bad mood!:)

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