Monday, February 11, 2008

In What Can We Believe?


Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and other childish myths are being joined, in the minds of hundreds of thousands of serious, spiritually wise, people by the silly childish myth of "Jehovah." This violent, bigoted, murderous godimage is presented in the older part of the Bible-- the Hebrew Scriptures, or so-called "Old Testament."

But the Lord of Love, recognized by spiritually sophisticated and educated people, bears no resemblance at all to this very ancient, very archaic, godimage. There is a good reason for this: The Lord of universal, unconditional Love has nothing to do with the ancient wargod of the Hebrews.

Until a spiritual student gets this one fact straight, if she is from a fundamentalist or even traditional background, further spiritual growth is paralyzed and petrified. For the Jehovah-myth is the curare of spiritual development: It leaves you paralyzed; and in time, it will be possibly lethal to real spirituality. We must all find ways to break through the glass-ceiling of the Jehovah-myth!

Most of us grew up with this nightmarish myth. Our "god" was guilty of mass-slaughters, mass-murders, bigotry (against all the "nations" outside of the "chosen" people). Our childhood "god" was regularly angry; thousands died in his temper-tantrums.

He was always male. He was a soldier. He insisted that his "chosen people" go to war, and further was careful to insist that they murder the women and children of the tribes which they invaded. These are the actions of a psychopath; we can recognize this in politics, but not often in religion.

Worse, by far, Jehovah is a psychotic, and a dangerous, murderous one.
We must lift ourselves beyond and above this pervasive infection of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. We must reject and renounce this god of the old texts, and declare with our whole hearts that we are the people of Love; we worship Love!

Love is not the often dangerous, unreliable romantic, sexual relationship often mislabeled as "love." No, this Love is a cosmic force, a Mindpower that can transform selfimage, and can and does radically improve our relationships with others.

Love is what you feel when compassion rises in the heart. It is a desire to aid and help others. It is a desire to improve our little world. It includes a desire to have no personal or greedy desires.

So, you can see that this "Love" is unique. It requires timenergy to cultivate it, and an entire lifetime to cleanse the heart with It. For It is also forgiveness-- holding absolutely nothing against anyone!
Since we have all been hurt-- often seriously and very painfully-- by our Journey of learning on earth, forgiveness can be a real challenge!

But it might help to know two facts: 1) When a person does not forgive, she harms only herself; and 2) When you do not forgive, you are allowing your enemy to control your thoughts and feelings! So, you cannot and will not taste the sweet delight of freedom unless and until you forgive universally!

So, let us not just think about, and talk about, Love. Those are both good and therapeutic actions; but Love in us is dead unless It becomes action. This action can take many forms, depending onyour gifts: A medical doctor or health-worker loves when she is a good healer, and not just a pill-dispenser. A teacher loves when she truly cares for her
students-- their future, their hearts, and their minds. Even an accountant, or factory-worker, or housekeeper, can transform her work into Love by acting out of a motive of Love for people!

So, examine your heartmind, and discover your own gifts. Then, surrender to Love, and allow Love to use those gifts in the aid and assistance of other living creatures!

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