Friday, February 22, 2008

Some Common Dreamsymbols


Birds, because they fly through the heavens, are archetypes of spiritual and fairly small thoughts, rooted in the bionature (they are animals).

"Three" is a symbol of wholeness after having experienced the "two-ness"
of dualism. (Two points lead to a third.) Bright yellow is the third chakra, or use of the intellect. A "cage" represents limitations.

The "left side" is the Unconscious. A hawk is thoughts of a harsher nature. (Hawks are notorious for their cruelty towards prey; they are

Talking on a phone is a common archetype of communicating with the deeper levels of the Unconscious.

The man in the dream is some "masculine" quality (yang). It is integrating with the feminine (yin) side of your self. This is why the two are "in bed" together. (The "bed" can represent a relaxed state, or healing rest.) But it is in the Unconscious (asleep).

The "woman" is a "stripper." This has something to do with baring or revealing secret or intimate parts of yourself. This part of your mind reveals things inappropriately.

A "bathroom" is interior cleansing or purification. (NOTE: This is "bathroom," but a "restroom" can represent restorative rest.)

Black is the color of the unknown, or of negativity. A "car" is the self in motion or progress. The "show" is the fake world of maya. The "green" is your Love-nature, rescued from a "water animal," or lower-nature mindforce related to cancer, pisces, or scorpio in your chart.

The "egg" is a universal symbol of new mindenergy that has just been discovered, but has not yet grown into any particular quality.

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