Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Pneumarium Gatherings: A Clarification


You have decided not to join the "family" in a day of fun, celebration, and spiritual learning. But please think about it: For this is something that we all quite desperately need.:)

You classify our Love-gatherings in the same category as "religious meetings." They are not; in fact, we are careful assiduously to avoid even the word "meeting" lest we be confused with religious types. (We prefer the native American term "gatherings.") Our Pneumarium gatherings are definitively not religious in nature; they are spiritual, based only on Love and joy. We do not teach any dogma or doctrines, but simply consider great spiritual truths from many angles. We also discuss some religious ideas, but those are not the nucleus of our gatherings. We come together because we want to, and we all enjoy it! We have fun!:)

So, please do not simply, carelessly "dismiss" us as a matter of personal "policy." For if you do, you might miss one of the truly happy opportunities of this life. For our gatherings are like "parties," not "meetings." Your characterization, it is realized, arises from your lack of experience, as you have never come over here for one of our group discussions. I would simply supplicate you please to make decisions based on knowledge and actual experience, and not on invalid comparisons with religious or other groups.

Thanks for considering this important message. If you do decide to visit with us in the future, wile other friends are here, that will be great!:)

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