Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Overwork and Burnout


Many aspects of our lives are optional. In lifedesign, we can choose to include some factors, and exclude others.

But what is about to be said here is not optional. It is mandatory.

You, like so many loving, good, service-oriented people, are about to break and ignore the core-law that guides the people of Love. This can create some disastrous karma, for it is chosen willingly.

For you are ignoring selflove. Selflove is the nucleus of Love.

Selflove is the very Love of God reflected upon the self or Self. This is not a factor that can be safely, reasonably, sanely, or lovingly ignored.

Selflove is inignorable and indispensable. To follow Jesus' "love your neighbor as yourself" contains the implicit guideline that we should be loving ourselves. Historically, even some of the people of Love thought that they could ignore this vital principle. But their lives proved them disastrously wrong!

Your life, and your body, are not "your own." They both "belong," in real ways, to the Goddess, to lovers, to friends, and, to some extent, to the world, to our species and to others.

So, from a spiritual perspective, it is illogical, and antiagapic
(counter-Love) selfishly to claim that "It is my body, and I can do whatever I want with it."

For it is as serious, and deeply karmic, an error ("sin") to abuse your body as it would be to harm the body of any other living creature. Now, I know that you would never practice torture, or harm bodily anyone who came to you for help.

Now, your own mind has called, repeatedly, for your help. But you have responded with abuse-- by driving it. I once was in your boat: I thought that it was okay, just fine, to abuse your body, if you did it for God (Love), that is, to help others.

But I killed the body. In fact, it died twice. And it was revealed to me, in the afterlife state, that voluntarily pushing your body to extremes, beyond its moderate limits, is an act of torture that can grow into an act of murder!

So, no matter what else you have to do, no matter what rules you must break, no matter whom you must disappoint or let down, no matter if you must change occupations, you must cut back your hours. The Goddess is never unreasonable: She asks us to do our very best, all the time. But especially the energy of scorpio will try to drive us to go beyond our best!

This is, by definition, impossible. So, Love never asks this of us. It is never selfishness to make the body Priority One. Yes, it is more important, when it is suffering, than the very real needs of others. For if it fails, you cannot give aid or assistance to anyone!

So, no matter what the cost or inconvenience, you have been pushed into making this decision: Decide for your body, not against it. For the body makes a wonderful friend, but a nightmarish and terrible "enemy." Make friends with it; it can be your best friend if you do not continue to abuse it.

Schedule regular periods of rest, relaxation, meditation, listening to quiet music, reading-- to be Priority One events. Everything else must come second. Insist, and do not give up, on cutting back on your cases.
(You will serve each client so much better.:)

These are not simply healthy suggestions. They are the results of personal intuition that tells me that your biophysical system is near the shattering-point. If this selfabuse continues, you will reap a nightmare whirlwind of karma. Some biological disasters can severely cripple you, and these are often irreversible or incurable. It is said that, if you do not listen to the gentle teacher, the harsh teacher stands just around the next corner; he holds a wooden four-by-four in this hands, and he is ready to smack you, hard, like a batter hitting a ball! But, right now, you can avoid much of the agony (and it is severe and unforgiving) of the harsh teacher by listening to the gentle teacher.

Trust. Have faith. You are not "indispensable." The cosmos continued just fine without your present form, for billions of years. After you leave the earth, it will continue for billions more. Do not follow the ego here, for it will lie and say to you, "You must keep doing all your work, for no one else can do it." Foolishness! Thousands of others can do it! And, in the short term, the cosmos is teaching you to delegate responsibility. For, ultimately, you are responsible for the spiritual success and growth into Love of one person only: And that is you. And you are failing the test!

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