Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Illness and Healing


Things are much simpler when viewed through the divine Mind (the "eyes"
of Love). Nevertheless, it is impossible, without denying discovered reality, to deny that the cell is as complex as New York City! At any moment, hundreds of thousands of complex biochemical reactions are occurring among the million million cells of the physical body. Each involves dozens to thousands of steps. So, no matter how highly we might regard simplicity-- and mystics treasure it greatly-- there is very little simplicity in the universe of cytology (cell-study) or biochemistry in general.

Positive thinking can be a great asset in healing. But we must be very careful to circumscribe it within its own valid limits. If we keep it within reasonable perimeters, positive thinking, and visualization, can be among our most valuable tools.

The "interior wounded child" can exacerbate, and even cause, some psychophysical disorders. And even though "psychosomatic," these disorders can be very real.

There is very much in every life, the "crap" that clings to us along the way, from which we must cleanse the heartmind. Transforming the entire mind into Love is no easy or quick task! That is why we cannot make it happen, but can only permit the deep Love-nature (God within) to take over the mind. And letting go of past trauma is like letting go of acid; it burns us only as long as we cling to it!

But the rose of Love does not grow without the "fertilizer" of the "negative" events of our lives.

In perhaps thirty to a hundred years, the medical profession will be forced to recognize the invisible currents of force, and the energyfields, that affect bodily health. But current medicine is very primitive! For there is so much more that we do not know than that which we do know.

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