Friday, February 01, 2008

Religion and the People of Love


Most people assume that religion and spirituality are the same thing!

But, in reality (truth), the two are a galaxy apart.

Why? One reason is that spirituality is Love, plus nothing.

Spirituality is what you do on the inside, but religion is merely what you do on the outside. Religion has a history, and is solidly founded in history. History means nothing in spirituality. Religion insists on reverence for certain sacred books, the acceptance of certain ideas, and the following of certain human beings. Spirituality is free from all these factors.

The spiritual person might respect, and even use, certain Scriptural texts. We use them here in the uld, for example. She might also have respect for religions that have earned it. She might even admire religions that aid the poor and challenged, for example. For a religion such as that is more than mere religion only; it is also spiritual. But the truly spiritual person respects the sacred texts of all truly spiritual (Lovebased) paths.

The truly spiritual person respects the rights of anyone to say anything, to offer any idea, concept, or hypothesis in the name of understanding.

But the spiritual person insists always on her fullest independence. For spiritual people do not follow other people as "leaders," but the Master within the heart. (This is the Christspirit or Buddhanature.)

So, spiritual people are never cruelly closedminded or dogmatic, shut off from new ideas or perspectives. They are always open to new concepts.

This does not gain them favor with cement-like traditionalists. Indeed, historically, the people of Light and compassion have always been resisted, often ferociously, by traditionalists or the orthodox religions. Religion and spirituality have "squared off" in opposite positions several thousand times in the history of religion.

So, when modern people are seeking guidance, very often, they cannot trust the leaders of traditional, conventional, popular religion. These are often egotists, hungry for money or worldly power. They often love their reputations, and grab the spotlight at every opportunity. In short, they are quite the opposite of the ideal of humility to which Jesus and other great masters call us!


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