Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Healing the Soul


We were secure in the facts that, when it was the will of Love, you would again contact us, and the universal Mind of Love did not disappoint! In our new Taoist perspective, if you did, that would be wonderful, fabulous! But if you did not, that would also be wonderful, fabulous! As in all things, the will of the One be done!:)

You have had a remarkable spiritual journey, not dissimilar to the one taken through this donkey (physical body)! We learn so much through our donkeys (bodies) that it is selfevident why we have to "wear these costumes" here on earth!:) Biochemistry and neurochemistry are so gigantically and enormously complex that no one has ever understood them in all their many intricacies: The body remains a deep mystery despite real and major advances in biochemical and medical research. Despite some arrogance in the medical community, we are still at the level of "medicine men" shaking primitive bone-rattles and doing incantations.

Today, our "demons" have names such as mesothilioma, but they are "demons" nonetheless, and must include spiritual as well as medical cures. Otherwise, they, and we, remain incomplete, uncured, ill.

Jesus and Lao Tzu are both fine "doctors of the Soul," necessary for complete healing. And, happily, there are many other luminaries throughout history! The Sermon on the Mount and the "Book of the Great Mind and Its Expression" are both classics of spiritual and mystical literature. Btw, Love Ministries has recently produced an original rendition of Lao Tzu's great, refreshingly simple, and spiritually liberating work, the Tao Te Ching. If you would like a copy, we would love to gift you with one.

I'd also love to send you the story of this life, an "abiography" (the life-story of a mystic) called Soaring On Sunshine: An Abiography of a Mystic. So, could you please send along your snailmail address? As you know so well from your experience with the SoM (Sermon on the Mount), good reading can transform life! We always highly recommend it as therapy for all people, all the time!

Simply living on earth requires all the positive therapies that we can possibly uncover, both within our own minds and within the world. For both are God, and Her will is always our healing in Love.:)

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