Tuesday, February 12, 2008



After three decades of careful and scrupulous, detailed study of many "mind only" systems of healing, I have been forced to the conclusion that illness-- whether it be physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual-- is a very complex issue. Illness has no single cause that applies to all cases, in all people, all the time. Therefore, although many do not want to hear this, there is no simple "cure" that will cure all the people, in all cases, all the time! But it is up to each one of us to learn to Love and care for her body, by avoiding dietary abuse (too much junkfood), laziness (absence of exercise), and toxins (such as tobacco or too much alcohol). So, if we do the best that we can always to love our bodies, we are doing the very best possible. And God (Love) never requests the impossible or miraculous from anyone; God asks for only our best!

If illness could be caused by conscious thought, the hypochondriac who has been obsessed with a disease for forty years would surely, each and every time, manifest that disease! Yet many severely handicapped hypochondriacs, extremely convinced of the presence of disease, and thinking, even meditating, on its presence, for forty years, have been found to have a perfectly clean bill of health!

Of course, everyone loves to believe in "fairy tales." They are easy and comfortable, and appeal powerfully to the interior child (that part of your brain that stopped growing at age six). But Jesus told the real truth when he said, "You cannot change a single hair from white to black."

People, especially those who are what psychologists call "fantasy-prone personalities," hate to hear this. But if it is a decision between Jesus and a bunch of hopeful (or gullible) and desperate "positive thinkers"-- and it is-- there is no contest!

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