Sunday, November 28, 2004

Thought, Mind, and Bodies

What is the "mechanism" for self-recognition and other - recognition "allocognition")? In the deepest Mind (Spirit), it must be the structure of the energy-body. This is created by Mind; and Mind uses it to pick up information. In tradition, this is often called the "lightbody." This energic body must be able to support patterns of complex circuitry. For information must be "encoded" in electrical patterns before it can be assimilated by the brain. For, like the physical brain, the lightbody is partly electrical in nature.

But it also consists of higher, finer energies. This body is much finer than the physical body, and lacks the relatively crude "wiring" of the physical nervousystem. (The electricity-processing system consists of physical nerve-cells, which are made of dendrites, axons, and related structures.)

Mind (awareness) is related to certain organized patterns or structures of energy. This is true of the energic, as of the physical, body. Patterns of the lightbody are superordinate to those of the physical body. That is, changes in the lightbody precipitate changes in the physical. And what causes changes in the lightbody? Patterns of consistent, repeated thought. The quality of your thoughts will manifest, sooner or later, in the body.

Does this mean that all biomedical problems are the result of "wrong" thinking? No, for that is naive and simplistic. A biomedical condition usually has several synergistic causes, ranging from karmogenetics to diet.

But if thought has its origin in this energy-system, it is an antique perspective to try to reduce it to the structure of the physical brain. It is dependent upon very complex arrangements and organizations of energy.

We are accustomed to locating all thought, and its origin, in the head or brain. But metaphysical anatomy suggests that thoughts can be encoded throughout the body. The brain plays a major, gigantic role. But evidence is accumulating that some thoughtfeelings might have their origins in other parts of the body, as metaphysical tradition suggests. The brain might be a kind of "mother board" or cpu, for the whole system.

If this is so, then the mystical teaching of selflove, expressed by caring for your body, starts to make even more sense.

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