Saturday, November 27, 2004

Spiritual Growth

For a person interested in teaching, no event is more exciting, more breath-taking, than to sense real progress! And you, my friends, are showing many major signs of genuine movement along the Path.

The Enlightenment Tradition teaches that spiritual awakening, although it has dramatic moments, is a gradual and incremental process.

For us who live in the West, it is sometimes best to construct a thorough, detailed, meticulous matrix of intellectual understanding as our very first steps on the infinite Journey. You have placed your foot on the path that your Soul, and the Spirit, want you to follow. It takes probably ten thousand years fully to know the path. But who knows how long you have already been exploring the mysteries of deeper Mind? That large overview should help with the cultivation of selfpatience.

It is exciting and delighting, satisfying and gratifying, to have been a small part of your great Journey, my dear friends. It is really thrilling to hear you talk about moving away from the paltry ego, wich is at best a pale and distorted, barren, poor reflection of your deeper Self.

May sweet breezes and warm oceanic currents continue gently to ruffle your mind, creating new patterns and blowing back the curtains so that you can discover what lies beneath!

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VirusHead said...

Thank you for this much-appreciated encouragement!