Saturday, November 27, 2004

Relaxation Techniques

A cascade of oceanic Love awaits you in your own heart. This is to support you, and to bring you increased understanding, for Love grants understanding without horizons or boundaries.

A "negion" generator is an aquarian neologism. It refers to a "negative ion" generator, now standard with many models of air-purifier. Inhaling negative ions has been shown to support and precipitate neurological changes that enhance, and even trigger, mild euphoria. In nature, these "negions" are found everywhere, for example, after thunderstorms. This grants the world the special scent of having been purified by heaven. Even in a non-urban area, even in the country, a negiongen is recommended to maximize any type of pranayama or breath-work.

One approach that can facilitate and support relaxation is a newsfast. This is simply ignoring the "news," perhaps replacing it with positive spiritual or humorous reading. News-shows on tv can be replaced by educational shows, or even sitcoms, in moderation. The newsfast sounds, and feels, like the right thing to do. Very positive "vibes.":)

It is a good idea also to review positive, helpful suggestions often, to reinforce them not only intellectually, but emotionally. Putting these suggestions into actual operation can do a world of good, even though they might seem simple. For example, we all know that the quality of life is powerfully affected, indeed determined, by neurochemistry. Still, it is easy to forget that neurochemistry is often strongly affected by oxygen-content of the blood, and that, by breathing!

So, breathing is a good idea!:) But deliberate breath-patterns can enhance both relaxation and clarity. Some who are into breath-work over-emphasize the effect of the pattern of your birth. The relevance of birth-trauma is highly controversial. Does it have an effect? Indubitably. Is that effect insuperable? Not at all. In fact, it can, in many cases, accurately be described as somewhat peripheral, which is not to say irrelevant. Of course, from the highest perspective, "You" are not even "fully human.":) For you are a mind, not just a biological organism. And, as mind, you are integrated, unconsciously, with the Infinite and Eternal, which is also Mind.

You touch this deepest Mind best when you are most relaxed. That is one reason for meditation. A great need for you is to slow down, at least periodically. To aid with this, you might want to try fifteen minutes a day with orange essential oil. Simply saturate a cottonball with the oil and hold it to your nose during each inhalation. Exhale through the mouth. Keep this up for a steady fifteen minutes. Breath will slow, and deep relaxation begin. Orange-oil is a natural somatic (muscular) relaxant and a mild euphoric. Also, orange-oil costs less than five dollars a bottle, and a bottle lasts forever!:)

Please remember that you are of infinite value, well worth an investment of fifteen minutes a day! Please don't think that you don't "have the time." Please TAKE the time. You'll be glad and grateful that you did!:)

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