Sunday, November 28, 2004

"Mystic" Defined

A mystic is not a member of a certain religion; mysticism is a Way of life, not a religion.

A mystic is a person who has discovered personally, within her own mind, some very great truths: "God" is not distant, not a grumpy old man in the sky, but is all the Love in all the heartminds throughout the galaxies. This God, as incomprehensibly enormous, vast, colossal, immeasurable, illimitable Love, lives within you and me, and all sentient (selfaware) beings.

She has also realized that the cosmos is a structure of Mind, a dream of the vast, gigantic Mind within. The spacetime world of everyday "reality" is not real, but dream, virtual reality, or "illusion." Nothing "material" is real; only Mind is real. All who have mind are plugged into one vast network of Mind. And the Core of all Mind is Love.

So, God presents three faces to the mystic: 1) As Mind, God is Reality Itself, 2) God is also shared cosmic Mind deep within the Unconscious, and 3) most importantly, God is Love.

A "mystic" is an otherwise ordinary person who has discovered these great truths, plus has adopted a commitment to erase her ego-mind and gently, gradually replace it with reflections of the great cosmic Mind of Love.

There are two kinds of mystic: The "mindmystic" has had an explosive, mind-boggling touch of this interior Love, blowing her away. Although the "practical mystic" has had no mind-blasting, soul-searing experience of the inner galaxy/ocean of Love, she still lives by the principles of Love to her honest best. But she, too, is a real mystic! In this context, what she believes (religion/philosophy) is not important; but the practice of compassion is everything. So, although mystics are in fullest agreement re many ideas and concepts, only their mutual Love --not their ideas-- can be accurately seen as sacred.

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