Monday, November 29, 2004

Inner "angels" of Love

Much angel-lore has been compiled over the centuries. Its study is called, in fact, "angelology." It is quite an old art, going back to the earliest centuries, and peaking in the Middle Ages. It often involved magic-- the calling forth (invocation) of "spirits" to do one's bidding.

The "One Mind" view of the cosmos, ("monism") is not at all averse to the belief in angels. Like us, if they exist, they are just "packages" for the one Mind, just as you can put ocean water in a five-ounce bottle or a fifty-five gallon barrel. Mind is like that ocean, in this parable, and we are the little bottles, while angelic forms are like the barrels.

"Angels" can also be symbolic representatives of those parts of our minds that contain Love. Lincoln spoke, for example, of the "angels of our higher Selves." Love can forgive, indeed, does forgive, all, without exception.

Also, it is never "too late" for Love. Love embraces all, heals all, invites all to and into Itself. Love knows no time, and so is unlimited by clocks and calendars. In our lives, It is what It is because we are what we are: It speaks through our mouths, touches through our hands.

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