Monday, November 29, 2004

Education, Freedom, and Society

My friends, in a free society-- and freedom is crucial to spirituality--everyone has a perfect right to hold her own opinions,completely without being influenced by others. I am not interested in "forcing change" upon anyone else, and it would never occur in the wildest dreams to attempt to do so. It might well be argued that there is a fine line between education and influence, and this is true. Still, the Way calls us to educate only. If education influences, that is up to the individual receiving the education. This is no artificial distinction.

Politically, we refuse to throw stones. We are repelled by nature by extremist conservatives, but extreme liberals have a simlar effect. In politics, as in life and spirituality, moderation and centrism are the only paths that make any sense. It is counterproductive mentally, emotionally, spiritually and socially for people to polarize and hate each other, as both conservatives and liberals have done. Anytime that we can do anything to erase any of the hate, we will jump at the opportunity! We, as mystics, are obligated by compassion to speak up against lying, absence of compassion, bigotry, and offensive war. If this must mean the rejection of certain policies, parties, or politicians, then, so be it. We remain forever concerned, not with only politics, but with minds, hearts, and Souls. Most importantly, in this world, it is a fulltime job to increase the Love.

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