Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Taking Cosmic "Exams"

Our "donkeys" (physical bodies) are our very best teachers! Your commitment to, and love for, Sam [pseudonym] is being put to the test. Also, your patience is being tested. The cosmos gives us the lessons, and then, the exams. The course, Love 101, is never easy, for the cosmos needs to "strike" us at our weakest points. For it is in those areas that we need to grow. The good news is that, when you take an exam, and fully pass it, you never have to take that test again.

Your strength is being developed by recent events. The message for you is: Love and tenderly support others, but do not lean on, or cling to, them. At times, you might need human support, and this is not a "bad" thing; it is normal and natural. But life is alternating between supporting and being supported. Now, you are moving through a testing-phase in which your Soul, and the Spirit, must empower you to support Sam. So, his weakness is making you stronger, more patient, and wiser. It is also teaching you to trust the Spirit, the Dreamer, and to face the future with confidence instead of fear.

So delighted and excited to hear that the book is helping! Stay on the Love-path, my friend, and it is guaranteed that you will never go wrong!

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