Saturday, November 27, 2004

Love and Cybertech

Anything in the "material" world can be abused by over-use: TV, cyberdevices, sleep, eating, sex, entertainment, politics, religion, computer-use, and a plethora of other areas exist wherein an unhealthy addiction can lead to extremes. Still, it is important to note that none of these things is harmful in itself; it is the abuse that is hurtful. And, of course, as mystics, we seek to avoid all extremes; addiction, by definition, is spiritually and psychologically unhealthy.

The same applies to cybertech. We need not see it as "bad" or even "counterproductive." To some, who value the familiar, it might seem alien. But it also holds great opportunity. While with snailmail, it was common to write only a few letters a week, that many, and more, are now written every day. Also, as in the uld, cybertech is a great teaching-tool. Thus, it enriches friendship as Love (spirituality).

Still, needs vary among people. For example, unlike your cyberhistory, in my own, several new friendships have been forged, and healthily maintained, by the use of email. Since friendship is a very rich source of Love, it is healing to establish, and maintain, new friendships. If cybertech can support that, then it, too, can become an instrument of Love (God) in our world. In the final analysis, it is all about Love--as is everything else!

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