Thursday, November 25, 2004

Expressing Wisdom

"Good" (effective and beautiful) writing is an artscience. It embodies and imitates the structure of nature. Atoms make molecules, and molecules cells, and cells tissues, and tissues organs, and organs bodies. So letters make words, words make sentences, sentences paragraphs, etc. Until, lo and behold! From a mere twenty-six humble letters has arisen the Library of Congress, with over a billion pieces of

What a wonder and miracle! But like most miracles, this one, too, usually goes right over, or under, the public's collective head-- such as it is!:)

Three related tools are the matrix of communication: passion, simplicity, and clarity. And of course, from one perspective, like the Trinity, these three are one.

A person can validly follow two careers, making them also one. The overriding mastership of agapology (the psychology of Love) has never been questioned. But its pursuit, indeed, its explanation, has sprouted the secondary career of logophilia (Love of words).

Let's see just how clear the most complex of matters can be made, through words: The Center of all is Mind, Mind is all, and there is nothing else that is real. And the Center of all Mind is Love. It is the fuel that keeps the psychocosmos running. But, fascinatingly, It is also within every atom of that very "material and external" cosmos.

This moves us into the philosophy of "monism." Stated most simply, monism teaches that there exists only one Mind. That alone is absolutely real, and It has no opposite. Because we, as human beings, all have Mind, or minds, we are all irrevocably "plugged in" to that great, cosmic Mind.

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