Thursday, November 25, 2004

The "Eternal Now" and "Parentizing"

The words of the Wisdom Way or the Enlightenment Tradition remind us of just how important it is to live in the "eternal now." After all, everything that is real is NOW. And if we can remain centered in that now, allowing the past to die a graceful and peaceful death, and reminding ourselves that the future is still unborn, we will increase our personal peace.

Also, while we might share with other adults our discoveries along the way, we must be careful lest we go too far and "parentize" others. We need to be "mommies" and "daddies" to only our children. In dealing with other adults, even if we perceive them as vulnerable, we must not let the "inner parent" control our behavior or communications. This is a factor that does great harm to many relationships, friendships, and marriages.

Of course, we can still share our best advice in compassion and Love, if we are asked. Where the line must be drawn is in any attempt to control the other. If we can completely let go of this one, we will expand exponentially our inner tranquillity.

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