Saturday, November 20, 2004

Mystical Dreamworld (virtual)

As a mystic, I have long believed ("known," through gnosis) that the "material" and "external" cosmos was neither. It is all a dream of the great, enormous Mind of unimaginable complexity. But in this "virtual" reality, there is no need for a computer or "machine." That reflects only the dire limitations of primitive thinking. The great Mind makes this redundant and unnecessary.

Nothing that you can do can disprove this view that the "ordinary" world is actually a dream. Of course, the simple inability to disprove is not proof, but it is interesting that anything which you can do, you can also dream that you are doing! So the theory of the great dream cannot be

Beyond Cogito ergo sum ["I think, so I am."] it is impossible to go. So, yes, you can prove the existence of Mind-- by thinking. But you cannot "prove" beyond doubt the independent existence of even the simplest bit of matter. So, this can lead either to unhealthy solipsism [teaching that the egomind is all that is] or to the idea of maya, an ancient Sanscrit word used to describe the "material" world as "illusion" or dream.

Cutting-edge scientists are not "there" yet, but they are on the right track! This is only one fascinating teaching that makes mysticism the most fascinating spiritual path in the world.

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