Monday, November 29, 2004

Finding Your Animal-ally (Totem)

In native American tradition, each person has an animal-helper. This refers not only to living, actual animals, but also to the "spirit" of that species. An animal "ally" is a mental image that you call forth within your mind when you need the power of that creature. For example, if your totem is a horse, it might give you speed; and an elephant can bring power, and a dolphin, playfulness, etc. When you call upon the spirit of the creature, it gives you its qualities and characteristics.

You can choose mythical creatures for your totem as long as you know their strengths. Yes, you can have both a mythical and "real" animal for your power allies.

To discover your spirit animal, here is the exercise:

In deep relaxation, visualize yourself in the middle of a beautiful garden filled with flowers, cool breeezes, and warm sunlight. It is filled with crystals, rainbows, and good energy. This garden/park is filled with every creature, all that are mythical and real. They are all quite friendly, and they all love you. While you are meditating in the center of the garden, the various creatures will approach you. Either they will touch you, or they will just appear in front of you. Do this
for quite some time. The first creature that manifests itself three times to you has "chosen you" to be your guardian spirit, helper, and spirit ally. (These three times do not have to be sequential.)

This is the best way to find your ally, and goes way back in native American tradition.

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