Monday, November 29, 2004

The "Donkey" (Physical Body) as Teacher

We have all come to earth to a very difficult and challenging life formed, designed, and created by our Souls for the purpose of growing our inner Lovenature. Only giant Souls have taken on giant tasks, Love 401 instead of Love 101!

If you have major challenges in your life, you must be precisely such an advanced Soul. Spiritual advancement can be gauged by how difficult are chosen challenges. "Baby" Souls are very frightened of life, and avoid challenging assignments. But more experienced Souls feel capable of taking on missions which terrify them.

Our greatest teachers are often our "donkeys," or physical bodies. (St. Francis called his body "Brother Ass," which sounds so harsh in English that it has been modified to the petname of endearment "Brother Donkey.":)

This "donkey" is a most intimate "laboratory." And labwork is unavoidable in the course. That is the first factor that makes the donkey such a good and sound teacher. The second is that you cannot avoid it: You cannot stay outside of your body for very long. So, you cannot avoid somatic tests.

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