Thursday, January 24, 2008

Liberation from Nightmares: Jehovism and Armageddonism


Supercongratulations and a big hooray for your courage and honesty in your Letter of Dissociation [by which you formally, and for the record, left a dangerous cult]! These are rare enough qualities in today's world, and even more scarce among the dissembling cult-members, who are masters at word-manipulation, evasion, and selfcongratulation. Perhaps these emotional illnesses are all related and connected in some profound way. Just thank Love, every minute of every day, that you have been blessedly liberated from Jehovism, which affects almost the entire totality of Christendom. (This means that the cult shares its nuclear, matrix teaching with all the churches-- that Jehovah is the pure Lord of
Love!:) And how sweet to be equally liberated from the Hitleresque nightmare of Armageddonism!")

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